Cat Elliot Cat Elliot Luxury Mature Companion

Why do you seem so different?

I am a companion, not a sex worker.  I establish ongoing relationships with a few select people. The frequency is yours to choose. As your companion, attachment equates to professional loyalty with a very personal panache!

Do you enjoy what you do?

My past and present are filled with happy life choices. This is one of them. It allows me to have what you want, too: a smashing good time without further obligation.

What do you want?

For us to enjoy one another. I am here when you need me to be and not when you don't. I love this concept because it is natural and honest.

What do you expect of me?

For you to be you. Once we have made our initial appointment, know that it is because I am drawn to you.

How may I gain access to your private portfolio?

I must market myself utilising a limited number of photos for public access. Once we have met in person and you are a trusted friend, I will happily offer the password to my private portfolio. I prefer to have my photos only in the hands of people I know.

Where can I find your reviews?

I request that if you are moved to record and submit your experience with me that you forward it to me directly and nowhere else. Every so often, an individual will request them and it is those reviews that I receive that will be forwarded - privately.

How much notice do you need?

As much as you possibly can offer. Please remember that a screening must be completed before our initial appointment. Once I am available to process this screening, count on waiting at least 24 hours before you receive a response from me. 

Why is your screening process so involved?  If you honor discretion, why must I give you my name?

I do not confuse anonymity with discretion. I value my life. It is about staying physically safe and getting to know with whom I am going to spend time. While I must know who I become intimate with, I do not kiss and tell.

How can I be sure my information will remain private?

I lead a judicious and quiet life. I work independently and do not maintain memberships. I make friends not enemies.

Do you see women? Do you see couples?

Yes! Absolutely! I realized my bisexuality over 25 years ago and have seen both ever since.

Where are you located?

I live in Silicon Valley of the San Francisco Bay area. I travel globally. 

Do you provide incall?

I provide outcall only.  If required, with your deposit I am happy to secure accommodations at a location at which we can mutually agree.

Do you travel?

Yes!  I love to visit new places, learn about other cultures, and admire interesting architecture; it is a passion of mine. I consider myself an excellent travel companion, domestic as well as international.

Can I meet you before scheduling an appointment?

I am happy to meet with you at a public location after you have completed your screening. This technically would be our first date and my rates apply. Please keep in mind that you pay for my time and companionship.

What will you wear?

I have a classic look and wear very little yet natural makeup. I wear appropriate attire for any occasion. If you have a preference about how I appear, please advise and I will take every measure to match your request.

Mature Adults Only

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